Model In China

If you’re looking for a model job in China how to go about finding one?Actually, finding a modelling job in China isn’t very difficult, there are many opportunities and many offer good hourly or daily pay. With an abundance of opportunities to model in China, foreign models find very lucrative opportunities via our website, with models earning an average of 1,500RMB per shooting or up to as much as 7,700RMB per day for underwater shooting.

What you’ll need:

  1. 1. A working knowledge of English.

    Many employers have English speaking Chinese staff to co-ordinate their shoots, but if you are from Russia or Ukraine then it will be unlikely that a Chinese employer will speak Russian.

  2. 2. Modeling quality

    Handsome or Beautiful models are usually tall over 180CM and offer a style or feeling which make the room light up or amaze the audience.

  3. 3. Modeling experience

    Not required but necessary to get paid in the higher level, models in China with experience will always get first refusal on the job offers and can generally negotiate much higher salaries.

  4. 4. Range of model portfolio photos

    Have your portfolio completed by a professional in 3-4 different styles which work well for your physique. Ensure that photos are good quality but not too huge in size that they cannot be uploaded or emailed easily. No more than 2MB per image is recommended.

  5. 5. Flexibility

    Many modeling jobs are freelance, employers can be selected and chosen before you come to China and they can usually help with visa and flight booking or you’ll need to be prepared to sort out your visas and flight tickets yourself.